We have collated a few frequently asked questions below. We would however be happy to receive and respond to any bespoke questions you may have, using the form below.

Because people are now realising that to get the results you want, you need professional support. A coach can help you to see beyond your current perspective and expose you to better ways or working, better ways of managing, better ways of networking, and better ways of reaching your target clientele.

We all need help with actualising our business and or personal aspirations. A lot of the time though we leave our ideas in our head and do very little about them. The best coaches are gifted to firstly understand and relate with your aspirations and they grasp the big picture that you are trying to build. Beyond that, they know, through competencies and experience, how to manage the trajectory to get you to the nirvana you desire.

Coaching is more hands on than consulting. Whilst a consultant would normally tell you what’s right or wrong with your business (analytics and diagnostics), they would not usually walk you through the everyday steps needed to right the wrongs, and or execute their recommendations.

Each coaching menu is offered in weekly one-to-one and Skype/telephone session over a three months/12 session’s period with the CEO and business owner. As part of the menu, we also conduct forums with staff and third party suppliers, in addition to workplace observations.

Honestly? May be not! Being a Coachee requires you to be open to a certain level of scrutiny, and not everyone is comfortable with that. However, anyone considering coaching in the first place has taken a first step is even thinking about reaching out for help. A business coach is a hands-on ‘help by doing by showing by facilitating advisor’. S/he will not only demonstrate how work on your business as opposed to on your business, s/he will take deliberate steps to help you to work on your business more effectively and efficiently.

The entrepreneurial journey can be daunting, remember to focus on the end game.

Ruka Sanusi
Ruka Sanusi, Founder, Alldenslane