Business Strategy and Transformation Master Class

Alldens Lane currently hosts the following 3 distinct Master Classes for Women Business Leaders, Women Entrepreneurs and Women CEOs:

  • Leading Authentically:  A Leadership Master Class for Executives of Truly Pioneering Businesses
  • Mastering The Marketplace: A Business Strategy Master Class for Professional Women Entrepreneurs
  • The Intentional Business: Putting Vision To Work, Going The Long Haul With Your Business

The Master Classes are designed for business leaders and women entrepreneurs who want to lead their organisations and businesses with intent and unusual insight; and have been formulated to ensure that executives are supported to (a) think deeply about their business brand and the unique leadership needs of that brand; and are (2) take deliberate daily actions to lead, respect and inspire their teams to respond dynamically to their client needs and the marketplace.

Each of these Master Classes are delivered by Alldens Lane’s Founder, Ruka Sanusi, in various cities across Africa.  Dates and locations of Master Classes are announced as they become confirmed

Individuals and corporations across the continent can also make a request for a Master Class to be run specifically for their own organisation here.

The entrepreneurial journey can be daunting, remember to focus on the end game.

Ruka Sanusi
Ruka Sanusi, Founder, Alldenslane