WCEO Academy

WHO – The WCEO Academy is an initiative of Alldens Lane that supports professional WCEOs to operate and grow their businesses with intent and unusual insight.

The Academy leverages the strength and breadth of the Alldens Lane’s brand and network to provide professional WCEOs with amazing business adventures and lessons in living

WHAT – Through a series of inspiring and original conventions and programmes, the Academy prepares professional WCEOs for extraordinary business success and leadership.

The Academy programmes provide practical yet pleasurable mechanisms for women in business to learn lessons in business and business leadership from global business leaders and leading personalities.

WHY – Because we want to provide an informal yet instructive means for WCEOs to meaningfully discover the path to extraordinary business success, whilst they network and make connections with like-minded WCEOs

HOW – Our current programmes include: “An Evening With”, “A Day in a Life”, and “The Business Odyssey” An Expedition for The Brave and Daring WCEO

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Maya Angelou