The Intentional Business Masterclass

Who –The Master Class is for professional women entrepreneurs who are keen to manage and operate their business more professionally and more successfully, using lessons from international best practise

What – The Master Class will shed light on the fundamentals of business strategy and business operations; clarifying the key features (‘must –dos’ and ‘must-haves’) of a successful business

How – The Master Class will comprise of a focussed intimate group coaching session where Ruka will facilitate an interactive seminar and presentation to a small group of intentional business women on the Do’s and Don’ts of starting, operating and growing a business strategically, and more successfully.  Ruka will seek to understand the bespoke strategy and operations needs of the business of each participant, and will offer customised advise to serve those needs.  The Master Class will be offered in an flawlessly professional manner – but yet still within a fun, enjoyable and inspirational framework

Why – Because it is a new year, and you and your business deserve a fresh start.  The Master Class will identify strategies to ensure that (i) participants are thinking methodically about the totality of their business and value chain; and (ii) are taking deliberate, daily, operational actions to secure business success

Additional Details

Date: Saturday 11th March (10am to 4pm, including one hour for lunch)
Venue: Villa Monticello, Airport Residential Area, Accra
Price: GHS800
Participant numbers: limited to 6 businesses

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