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Clients reach out to us at various stages of their business trajectory. Recognizing this, we have designed a recipe of business coaching services centred on four key menus – we call them:

Each of these menus is offered in weekly one-to-one and telephone or Skype sessions over a three months/12 sessions period with the CEO and business owner. As part of the menu, we also conduct sessions and forums with staff and third party suppliers, in addition to workplace observations.

In all of this, Alldens Lane provides you with step-by-step guidance to implement the business improvement and executive changes you need in your business.

Alldens Lane – we help companies assess their skills and choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the team and resources most productively.

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Inside Out: Bringing out the giftings from the inside of you
The Inside Out Menu is for the business Start-Up.

YOU have a business idea which you are totally convinced of. You have put some ideas to paper and have envisioned how your businesses tomorrow may be across the value chain of people, processes, systems and finance. You even have ideas on your possible business partners – be it third party suppliers, financiers or staff. The only challenge is this – all the ideas are on the inside of you. You are yet to take steps to actualise your business dreams.

At ALLDENS LANE, we will coach you to actualise your business aspirations, Inside Out. Activities, analytics and diagnostics over the coaching period would comprise one-to-one sessions with the business creator, internal as well as external business stakeholders over a three month period.

Menu Two, Here and Now: “I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning to sail my ship” – Louisa May Alcott.

The Here and Now menu is for the business already in operation, but which is experiencing growth challenges and a lull. YOU have established your business and you have actualised your business idea. However, Here and Now the business is either struggling or is experiencing a lull.

Clients are few and far between; staff are working at sub-optimal level and not as motivated as you need them to be; your suppliers are quoting ever higher prices and you just can’t see the woods for the trees.

You’re just not getting the results that you want. Your zeal and passion for your business is being threatened. Here and Now you and your business need a resurgence.

Menu Three, Leap Frog: ‘Let us go over to the other side’ Mark, Chapter 4 verse 35

The Leap Frog is for the business who is ready to do just that – Leap Frog unto the other, better, side! YOUR current business is thriving. Revenues are good, client numbers are ever increasing and you seem to have finally attained the optimal rhythm of productivity along your value-chain. Things are looking pretty good.

HOWEVER, you want more. You see more possibilities. Your aspirations for your business are more extensive, and you want to take your business to the next level. This may mean servicing more clients, or a different clientele. It may even mean taking your business to a different national and or international location. Whatever the case, it would certainly involve taking on more/different staff, finding additional third party suppliers, and deploying improved systems and processes.

In essence you need business coaching on how to Leap Frog into the next level.

Activities, analytics and diagnostics over the coaching period would comprise one-to-one sessions with the business creator, internal as well as external business stakeholders over a three month period to undertake a present day assessment of the business and the business growth aspirations, and also to position the business for Leap Frog with business analytics and diagnostics.

Menu Four, Future Ready: The Future Is Before Us.

When you are future ready, you don’t actually have any current pressing business challenges. You are content with your business outputs and achievements but you are not fulfilled by it. You have ambitions of operating under new, better, best business practices. You have ambitions of new territories or new markets. You want to execute your business demonstrating best practice, ethical practices and you also want to give back to your community demonstrating enterprise responsibility. Yes, just like the international corporations do. You want to be Future Ready for international partners, patient capitalists and private equity of the social enterprise ilk GIRL power! We are so proud of you.

THE Future Ready menu is a dedicated, distinctive and bespoke executive coaching and business coaching service. Our objective and focus for our Future Ready clients is to listen to the cry of their business heart for the future. We will assimilate those business aspirations for tomorrow, work through their business and operational implications, and horizon plan activities and milestones for the short to medium term.

Coaching deliverables for this bespoke service will be just that – bespoke. It is custom made and commissioned to serve the distinctive and unique need of each client.

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