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Our Executive Coaching service is for the resolute, passionate and determined CEO and entrepreneur. This menu is for the executive who is zealous about her work and her life, and, through many trials and triumphs, is ready to embrace the fullness of what life has ahead for her business, her career and her life.

The Executive Coaching service offering comprises a three month schedule of activities tailored to refine and awaken dreams, and to provide the drive to take hold of the very best in the years ahead. The programme above all seeks to drive the transformational development of the ‘whole leader’

Alldens Lane – we help companies assess their skills and choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the team and resources most productively.

research beyond the business plan
  • Personality assessment and analysis to determine leadership style and individual behavioural attributes, through which we will coach the executive on a strengths-based approach for leading teams.
  • Diagnostics to assist the Executive to really understand what is really going on in her career, life or organisation. We will evaluate the Executive’s personal, business and professional goals in an effort to build a healthy roadmap and mindset within the Executive to achieve these
  • HR Diagnostics for the Executive’s business – examining optimal staffing requirements, skills inventory, goodness of fit of staff skills to organisational aspirations
  • Team building activities to harness the power of the ‘whole team’ in the business: shared goals, collaborative behaviour, agile, accountable
  • Business branding and corporate communications
  • Personal branding and image consulting
  • A reading plan –6 books in 3 three months, encompassing a selection of life-changing books on leadership, business issues, winning against all odds, and pursuing your dreams
  • A health, fitness and nutritional programme


Our events schedule comprises:

a) Executive Talk: Female CEOs Share – a quarterly group business and executive coaching event on a topical business management issue, including a panel discussion facilitated by leading female CEOs and entrepreneurs

b) Executive Wellness – an annual residential retreat to nurture the mind, body and emotions of our network of female executives and entrepreneurs. Executive Wellness convenes and connects female entrepreneurs with professional service providers such as business strategy consultants, HR professionals, financial managers, legal advisers, fashion designers, image consultants, health and fitness practitioners, nutrition and weight loss professionals, and life coaches

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Maya Angelou

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